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Along with Stud and Paddock stock, we will also sell hay and will soon sell highland beef, horns and hide.

Thank you for spending the time to look over the cattle I currently have for sale. By buying from Vagabond Highlands you are buying quiet, well handled animals that easily move through the cattle yards. They are all used to my 12 year old daughter and come when I call them. They are pasture raised and I know each of them and their personalities well. It’s an excellent investment to know your stock’s history rather than buying cheaper unpredictable ones at the cattle sale yards. Every animal on the farm has been bred or chosen for its temperament above all else (my workforce are all under the age of 18 or over the age of 75).


I have been breeding cross bred and purebred cattle for many years and am now decided to breed just purebred highlands and Sussex cattle. All cattle come with a current health record including 5 in 1 and tick fever vaccination (if old enough). I do not have a waiting list as such, I try and match animals with their most suitable home. To own a Vagabond Highland animal, you must have a PIC number and suitable cattle yards and fencing. I can help with what is required to move cattle to a tick free area if required and offer ongoing phone advice if you wish (I grew up on a dairy farm and have been breeding highlands here in Qld for the past 10 years). Remember, Highlands shed their coat in summer, so although these photos show them with short hair, it will grow long in winter.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to meet any of my cattle. I am negotiable on price if you buy more than one. Highlands are herd animals so you would have to have at least 2 cattle (don’t have to both be highland though).

Stud Stock

All stud stock are born and bred in Queensland for Queensland conditions. Purebred Registered animals will be paddock friendly, vaccinated with full animal husbandry records and registered with the Australian Highlands Cattle Society. By the year 2022 all Vagabond Highland stud stock with also be halter trained.

 Will have some purebred registered bull calves and a steer in the near future if you want to go on a waiting list or meet and pay deposit as they aren’t weaned yet.

McGonagle (Gonne)


MacGonagle or as we call him Gonne is a eat out of your hand quiet proven breeder. He has sired many of our cattle including calves currently on the ground. I purchased him many years ago as I wanted to breed the smallest highlands in Queensland. He is registered as mid sized miniature. He produces very small calves which also assists with first time calving. We would love to keep this lovely boy however some of his offspring are now at breeding age.


Moonlight (#73)


Moonlight is registered with the Australian Highland Society however he has since been steered as he doesn’t have the exact look I am breeding for. He would make a great pet. He is currently going through that teenage ugly stage. Deposits taken now, pick up at weaning. $3500



Rowan (DOB 26/3/21) was so tiny when he was born. The smallest of all our calves at Vagabond Highlands. He is registered with the Australian Highland Society as a purebred bull calf. Both his parents are also registered as mid sized miniature highlands so he will always be small. He will likely end up either black or brindle in colour. He is fully vaccinated with 5 in 1 and comes with a NVD and health record. He is now steered to make the perfect pet, is eat out of your friendly and has started his halter training. $5000



Chancey (DOB  11/4/21) was really sick for the first two weeks of his life but he is a survivor and is now doing fabulously with excellent growth rates. He will be a registered with the Australian Highland Cattle Society as a purebred bull calf. He would make an excellent future breeder. Deposits taken now, pick up at weaning. $5000



Rare opportunity to own week old hairy coo. Will’ is a super friendly purebred highland bull calf with excellent pedigree. We called him ‘Will’ as I think he is a fighter and Scottish like William Wallace and Haylee thinks he has a ‘Will’ to live. His mum is a first time mum and just didn’t take to him. I have done everything possible to help them bond and her feed him but it’s just not meant to be. He is now bonded to my daughter Haylee and his own grandmother Mati. He is on the bottle twice a day and doing really well. I didn’t post about him before now because I wanted him to be 100% healthy at a week old for my own peace of mind.

Comes with his own bag of milk powder, bottle and little birth certificate. To own him, you will have to have another cow or calf for him to bond to and a PIC number. He is cute as pie now but he will grow up into a magnificent Scottish highland Bull. I haven’t desexed him yet as I think he would make an excellent future bull and win ribbons in shows, but that’s up to you.

Dam: Pie on the Sky of Vagabond Fold AHCS Registration number 8693
Sire: Jock 26 of Leys
UK registration number 857171
Priced at $3500 to match his temperament and genetics.



Mati is a beautiful old girl. Her favourite thing to do is stand outside my bedroom window and patiently wait for me to get up and feed her. She is gentle and I often use her for photo shoots on the farm as so long as she has food to eat she’ll let strangers pat her. She is the classic old cow, thinner than the rest and warts on her head (mostly under her chin so you don’t see them in photos. She’s had them for all the years I’ve owned her and never worried her). Her horns are magnificent. At 19 years old, she is the oldest breeding female that I know of in Qld and is likely pregnant now (I will happily buy the calf back off you. Highland’s have calves up until they are about 24). She would be best suited to a small farm who will give her the attention she craves.


Paddock Stock

Our paddock stock consists of purebred unregistered highlands, cross bred highlands and a few special rare breed Sussex. Paddock stock are generally sold straight out of the paddock. They are used to being put through the cattle yards and handled by us but we have not spent the massive amount of time quietening and halter training them in the view of showing them.



Ryder is named after the ‘Home and Away’ character. He is unregistered as he is a steer. I bought him at six months old as I wanted grow up a steer for meat/hide/horns. Highland’s have the most delicious marbled meat and I couldn’t bring myself to eat any of my own highlands.

The only thing is now Ryder has become one of the family too and therefore has lost his purpose on my farm. He slowly walks through my cattle yards moving his head from side to side. He is gentle and if he trusts you he will eat out of your hand.  He was born on 10/12/18 and just stunning. He loves hanging out with his besties Bandit, Caramilk and Casper. Asking $5000.



Casper was named after the friendly ghost because as a baby the white on his face looked like a ghost. His mum is a Senepol x dairy and his dad is Gonne (purebred registered highland). This steer will never grow horns which is great for someone starting out in cattle. He learnt to tie up as a weaner but not walk on a lead. He looks extraordinary in his winter coat and has the most placid of nature. He is was born on the 7/10/19.

Asking $3000.



Gorgeous Caramilk was named Caramilk as he was a lighter colour when he was born and his mum’s name is Cadbury. She is the naturally quietest of all our cattle and is a Sussex cow (rare British Breed). His dad is Gonne, our purebred registered Highland. Caramilk has the beautiful highland looks with no horns. He is also pat in the paddock quiet and a natural leader of all the other steers.

Asking $3000.

Anna and Marcel

Anna and Marcel2

Anna is a beautiful looking droughtmaster cow who just had her second calf. She is used to children and easily moves through the cattle yards. I am selling her with her newborn calf Marcel as I am only keeping purebred. He is half droughtmaster, half purebred highland. He can be steered at no extra cost.

Selling as a cow and calf unit for $4000.

Amanda and Precious


Amanda is a quiet droughtmaster who will run up to you in the paddock for a snack. I bought her a few years ago so I could see how highland and droughtmaster calves turn out. ‘Precious’ the calf is an excellent example of genetics (dad purebred registered Highland). Precious is almost 3 months old (first photo as newborn, second photo is at 3 months). Amanda would suit a small farm or someone new to cattle. She will lead the herd into the cattle yards and is used to children. She loves hanging out with her bestie Anna.

Selling as a cow and calf unit for $4000.

Barbie and her heifer calf


​Barbie is the hardest of all for me to sell as she is my original Highland’s first baby. She was born on 31/10/2011 and grew up as part of my animal nursery. She is halter trained and loves a scratch. She is by far the quietest of my cattle to the point she walked up the stairs to my lounge room as a calf. She has a new born heifer calf (3/4 highland, Barbie is ½ Highland). This little one will have the classic highland look with no horns (polled). Barbie and her calf are at a different property to the rest of my herd as I have been using her to coax some of my sister’s cattle into the yards for their treatments.

Selling as a cow and calf unit. Asking $6000 for the perfect family pet.


Our hay is grown along the western creek amonst the bluegum  trees. We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of what we sell. We can help organise contacts for truck drivers if you require delivery. Details for pick up and cancellation policy will be outlined on invoice after confirmation of availability is sent.   

4×4 round Cattle quality rhodes grass hay $65each ($60 each if purchase more than 3 at a time)

Cattle quality rhodes grass hay currently cut and will be baled ready for pickup in the paddock on Monday. Beautiful green looking hay but does some old grass and a small amount of weeds in there too as this paddock wasn’t cut last year. Extra heavy bales. 4×4 round rhodes grass bales.  

Fussy horse quality rhodes grass hay $55each ($50 each if purchase more than 3 at a time)
Grab a bargain. Fussy horse quality hay straight out of the paddock. Located calvert 4340. Message me approx time and how many you’re after so I can meet you down there.

Highlands beef, horns and hides

 In the near future, we will be diversifying into highland beef as well as hides and horn. Please register your interest below.

There are currently none available as slow grown takes 3 years to mature instead of fast growing other breeds. The benefits of slow grown highland beef include low cholesterol and the highest quality of marbled meat.


Please email us for more information or to be placed on wait list.

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